I made my first pair of earrings in December 2008 in a short hour-long class at my local bead store (LBS). The next week I took the class to do a bracelet. Not too different really, but who could beat a sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earring and bracelet set for a total of $20. You just can’t. So I’ve been a sucker for Swarovski ever since and lots of my designs have crystals. I was fascinated with the glow these crystals would give off in the sun, so I had to capture it. This was way before I learned any sort of decent photography skill. Maybe you can guess what just about all the ladies in my life received for Christmas that year. 🙂

Swarovski crystal Christmas earrings, 2008.

Swarovski crystal Christmas bracelet, 2008.

Since then I’ve also gotten into beadweaving, wirewrapping and metal smithing. Some day I’d like to learn how to work with polymer clay and precious metal clay (pmc), enameling, and etching.


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