Remembering Mom this Mother’s Day


This is the first Mother’s Day without Mom with us. It feels weird and like I am forgetting to do something I need to do. I’ve been posting cutesy things on facebook about her and in honor of her. I think I’ll be going to to visit her final resting place and see the plaque. It took weeks to arrive and be installed after the service.

This was the last photo I took of her, Christmas day 2012, with her sister Sheri on the left. Christmas was her favorite holiday. She loved nothing more than showering her family with love and to see the happy faces on the grandkids as they opened their presents.

One last hurray Mom, one last hurrah.

7 responses to “Remembering Mom this Mother’s Day

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  2. Oh Jeanne, I know this feeling. My mum passed about 28 years ago, and Mother’s Day is so odd for me….bless you and the memory of this great woman who gave you your life. And thank you kindly for coming by today! WordPress is nice, isn’t it? I am noticing more people switching over.

    Happy Sunday and your site is lovely! Anita

  3. Thank you jeanne for taking the time to visit my gypsy theatre Joyeux Noel production, yes every year now for 4 years Anita and I link up a theatre production where I create a new one each year one topping the other in an artful way. They end up in my etsy shop along with the many I have created in between my varied other art projects.

    This one may have to be a keeper for a while, and may end up a piece for my daughter who is finishing up college this year.
    She will use it someday in a nursery infants room as part of a theatrical theme to a room of whites, grey’s, and golds.

    Hope to see you soon, and I hope this is the right post I was directed to from your old blog site?


    • Thank you Dore for coming by my blog. It is the correct place. I haven’t done any blogging since I went back to school in the summer of 2013 (digital media degree). My jewelry has taken the back seat and I haven’t really done anything blogworthy in so long.

      Your mouse theatre would look precious in a nursery! I’ll be checking back with your blog from time to time – I really love your style!

      🙂 Jeanne

  4. Sweet Jeanne, thank you for coming to visit my post. It has been a while since you’ve posted, so I hope you get my heartfelt thanks and greeting here today….most happiest of new years to you as you enter into another year of remembering the good things. I too remember my mother as the years go by, but the memories just get sweeter. LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  5. Thank you for visiting Anita. I still check the blog, just haven’t posted anything since I’m not active with my business anymore. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

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