My Little Man


Our little man, Onyx. Taken a few months before he fell ill.

Seems like nothing but sadness going on lately. Our gorgeous big black panther of a cat Onyx passed away late November, and not even 2 months later I lost my mom. I haven’t yet dreamed about either one of them. Until the other day. I am an in-color, full sound, up close and personal I’m-living-it dreamer. And this was a really good dream. One that I didn’t want to wake up from. It was really simple. I was sitting in my computer chair and from down the hall he ran into the computer room “murfing” all the way, jumped up onto my arm rest and planted himself across my torso to hang over my left shoulder like he always did. Murfing and giving me kisses like he hadn’t seen me in ages. He wasn’t a typical meow-er, he did a soft murf sound. <sigh> I just held him tight and nommed his ear like I always did and told him he was my sweet boy and I that I had missed him sososo much. His fur was cool to the touch and airy and had that clean outdoor scent. I just held him tight and rocked him to and fro. And just like that it was over.

Some dreams you just wish could last that little bit longer, or forever. I miss my little guy, and I’m so very glad he came to visit me at long last.

2 responses to “My Little Man

  1. I defintely am. The beauty of this dream is that it did not fade upon waking or even after a few days. That’s a special dream indeed. 🙂

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