April Blog Carnival

English: A whale off the shore of Cape Cod, Ma...

English: A whale off the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother’s Day is May 12th this year. The Jewelry Artisans Community decided to dedicate April’s blog carnival to Mother’s Day this year. After a long hiatus, I was drawn to participate in this particular one. Mom passed away in January and I wanted to do a special tribute to her.

She loved the beach, the sea and whales. She had a giant whale tail picture hanging in the living room for years. Many years ago we went to Cape Cod and stayed with a good friend of her’s that was a local artist up there, Dewey Ekdahl. It was very interesting, since her maiden name is Dahl. Both German names. Dewey painted and took amazing photographs. He also had fine calligraphic penmanship, and would often send her letters and cards always addressed and written in that beautiful writing. We went on a whale watch while we were there and it was amazing. We saw whales slap their tails on the water and blow holes breached the surface and ‘reloaded’ for another descent into the inky water. We saw one whale roll over and expose its belly and slap its large fin arm on the water. It’s quite an experience going on a whale watch (and actually seeing the whales, it doesn’t always happen).

Humpback Whale diving.

Humpback Whale diving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mom passed away in January and this Mother’s Day, the first one without her, I want to honor her with a wire wrapped whale tail. I am feeling very sad that I had purchased this beautiful tutorial from Cora Liew at de Cor’s website a long time ago and had not gotten around to making it and presenting it to her before her passing. But I know she’s watching and sees it. I’m sure she’s pleased.

I love and miss you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day 2013 whale tail tribute to Mom

Wire wrapped whale tail pendant necklace created with artistic wire, a pearl and Swarovski crystal. Burgandy pearl for garnet, her birthstone, and sapphire crystals the color of the deep blue sea that are home to whales. This project is a tutorial that Cora Liew of de Cor’s created.

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7 responses to “April Blog Carnival

  1. Jeanne, your post is very touching and I can feel how raw the hurt still is. It’s been almost two years since I lost my mom and I hope you’ll believe me when I say that time does help ease the sorrow.

    Your whale tail is gorgeous. Even though you weren’t able to physically give it to your mother, she has it in spirit. Try not to have regrets about not making it sooner; you had no way to see into the future. I’m hoping you’ll keep it for yourself and think of your mom every time you wear it.

    Hugs to you!

  2. And Dawn I also wanted to tell you that your mini portrait whale tail is sooo beautiful. I wanted to purchase it so badly, but coudln’t :(. When I saw Cora’s tutorial I knew it was the happy medium answer. But I go back and look at your whale tail pendant often, and smile. 🙂

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  4. Lovely memories, Jeanne. Your mother will always be with you in these memories, and you can create new ones like the whale tail that connect you with her.

  5. Thank you ladies. 🙂 Cat I like your thoughts that I can still create memories of her doing things like this. It’s a comfort.

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